Is this the appropriate set-up

First off, I’ve been a Plex user for a number of years. I started getting into 4k content and Plex just wasn’t cutting it for me. The fact that the transcoding and trying to direct play and reading forum after forum about what to change (subtitles) and certain audio formats aren’t supported… Yeah, it got exhausting and wasn’t really user friendly.


I dusted off my Apple 4K TV and found out about Infuse so I downloaded version 6, signed up for the year (19.99 and free updates) and started to get everything set up. I would just like to say to the FireCore and Infuse team… You really did make a user friendly application and I applaud you for that! No fuss, just link up your media and bingo… There it is.

Now, my question is, am I utilizing this to the fullest.

I have Gigabit Verizon Fios internet. The ONT is in my basement. And from there the main coax(?) is running along the basement ceiling/upstairs floor into the living room. That’s where the Verizon Fits router is. My main 65inch 4K TV is up there where I consume all my media along with my consoles, etc.

In my basement, I have a little man-cave / office. My iMac is located there where I have several external hard drive loaded with all my personal digital media. So, I have my wifi set to the 5G option in my basement. Faster Speed? And my setup in my basement communicated with my upstairs Apple 4K box wirelessly. It’s a wireless handshake between the Apple 4K TV and my media set-up downstairs. My Apple 4K TV is however plugged into the Router via Cat5 cable. And the Apple 4K TV is then plugged into the main TV upstairs via HDMI.

Is that an ideal setup for Speed and quality? Am I losing quality whatsoever from my downstairs computer with all my media files and 4k files being connected to my Apple TV wirelessly? I really have no way of direct connecting my downstairs computer into the router because I’d have to run a cable from my iMac all the way along the ceiling and through the hole in the floor to the router and It’s just not happening. And I don’t think there’s another way to plug Cat 5 from my iMac directly into the ONT that is down here in the same room.

So I guess, does this even matter at all? As long as I’m not buffering is it ideal? There’s no drop in quality streaming wirelessly is there?

  • Also, a Post Script, not all of my metadata posters and art populated… Is there a reason why this didn’t populate? When I was setting everything I had the option to login to Plex. By logging into Plex does this have anything to do with Transcoding the media or anything or is simply just pulling over the metadata and poster art and cover art? I don’t want Plex to have any hand in my streaming where it transcodes, etc.

And the last PS, is there a way to see what quality my 4K HDR content is streaming over Infuse? Is it streaming direct from the source file without any alterations or losing quality?

I appreciate any and all the help in advance. I’m glad to be an active member in this community.


Run wired whenever you can. Some people have reported success running with wireless but results are not guaranteed. Infuse doesn’t support transcoding so everything is played direct even from plex. The only thing you’ll loose is MaxCLL/FALL data (AppleTV doesn’t support it) but this shouldn’t matter if your tv can do some sort of active HDR tone mapping. You’ll also lose TrueHD atmos as bitstreaming isn’t supported on the aTV but again it may not matter if you don’t have a atmos home theatre setup.

If you can run a wire from your Mac to your router that would be preferable.

Appreciate the feedback. Is the use of hardwire strictly to eliminate buffering? I tried playing 4k all evening and didn’t experience buffering once. Also checked my imacs down and up speed. Was getting 190+ down and similar up. So maybe I’m good with the setup for now.?

Yes buffering. Also wireless speed is shared with all clients so if you have other devices going at the same time speed results might vary. Additionally you might not be able to reliably play full bluray iso with wireless. But if your setup works then leave it as is until it doesn’t work.

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