Is this really syncing in Infuse Pro?

I have a smart playlist of youtube videos in plex of unwatched episodes. I’d like to watch those episodes on my iPhone in Infuse Pro. From what I can tell I need to:

  • Navigate to the smart playlist
  • Hit select
  • One by one select each episode
  • Hit download
  • Go to File view where there’s no sorting of the contents. (If I’m ‘syncing’ multiple playlists they get intermingled.
  • Click on the episode to play
  • Afterwards long press the episode and delete
  • Repeat everything each time there’s new content.

Is that really the state of the art for ‘syncing’ in Infuse? I expected that I’d be able to pick a playlist and say ‘Keep in sync’ or ‘Keep N episodes in sync’ Not have to pick each to download and then manually delete them when done.

I don’t have plex so I can speak to those playlists, but I know that Infuse doesn’t automatically download any files. So yes that sounds like the right process.

You can sort by title, name, date, etc.

Sorting by title, name, date won’t help if you’re downloading from 3 playlists unless the name of the playlist is in the name of the title. (So yes, it’ll sort but there’s no way to actually organize it which is what I meant.)

For auto downloading items, perhaps lend your support to this thread

Playlists (at least non plex ones) are based on filepath, so as soon as you download something you technically are no longer pointing to that location on saved drive but on your own device. You would have to create a new playlist with that item. I get where you are coming from but not sure how easy that would be since infuse doesn’t really keep the same “library” for downloaded items.

I don’t think that’s the case.

If I download the video and play it, it gets marked as played in plex and disappears from the smart playlist. Infuse is still aware it was a plex file and updates viewCount in the plex metadata appropriately.

It’s doing the right thing. It’s just doing the right thing with many many extra steps.