Is this possible? Infuse with ios


I’m going to get a new phone, and was planning to get a iPhone instead of my current Android.

But, i was wondering if this was possible:

I’m streaming from my synology nas, with appletv to my tv. But, is it possible to stream to a iOS unit while being outside of the network where my nas is placed?

Like being at the other side of the town, streaming from my nas, to a iPhone with infuse?

I Hope you understand my question.

As long as your internet connection speed for uploads is sufficient to stream the NAS content out then you should be good to go. Sorry I can’t give you specifics but I’ve not tried that.

Yet :wink:

I have 300/300 so the speed is not an issue.

Was just thinking if i had to be on the same network as my nas

I’ll let some of the other users that stream remotely from their home to chime in but I’m pretty sure it doable.

I can’t Find a Android app, so i Guess the only answer is to use iOS?

Correct. :+1:

You wont make it possible for Android users to stream?

I dont know anything about apps, so i dont know how much Work need to be done when it’s allready possible on one platform

It’s not currently on the “Big Board” of what’s coming

But you can add your support to a suggestion currently running here by liking the first post in the thread here.