Is this legit ? (Apple tv 3 Jailbreak)


Edit by matty:

Just to clarify it is a scam. Team evasi0n has stated that the evasi0n jailbreak will not support the Apple TV 3. If group made of the most brilliant minds in the jailbreaking community cannot do it then it is a very small chance that a no name company can.

With that said I will be closing this thread.

I actually know people that have been on the beta team for this group and what I am hearing was it was a tethered jailbreak and now they are working on the graphic ui for the untethered.  


their release was suppose to be by the new year and now what I am reading is not till end of Jan



Running ATV2 (atv-black)

ATV3 sitting in box still lol

Cough BS Cough

It’s not.

There are “some” websites claiming to have jailbroken the atv3, which is a hoax.

Even if you try to leave a negative comment with your skepticism, the comment doesn’t pass their moderation.

There aren’t even comments on their site from ONE of the Beta testers, only from people happily waiting on a JB.

Further more, the claimed “Chip Group” doesn’t exist, trust me.




Ding! We have a winner!

Yup. They never posted my comments. I would bet all those coments are fake.

I have friend that are telling me it is real and I have people telling me it isn’t. I also agree with no comments is very strange. I am personally always wait till the dev team releases there tool or FireCore releases their tool


the only beta tester team you are hearing your info. from are the bs comments left on that web site.


u r full of b.s.

The hoax site is made by some loser journalist John Colston. 

Send him an email


   Registered through:, LLC (


      Created on: 07-Oct-12

      Expires on: 07-Oct-13

      Last Updated on: 07-Oct-12



   Ironclad Integrity Unlimited Ltd

   1588 Scheuvront Drive

   Denver, Colorado 80265

   United States


   Administrative Contact:

      Colston, John

      Ironclad Integrity Unlimited Ltd

      1588 Scheuvront Drive

      Denver, Colorado 80265

      United States


Now, the fun part, the witch hunt! You should beware of anyone trying to sell any so called Apple TV 3 Jailbreak software. If you didn’t hear about it through, FireCore, or nitoTV on Twitter, it means that it is fake, so buyer beware! We’ve managed to identify a scammer by the name of John Colston from Denver, Colorado who has been setting up scam web sites intended to lure newbies into fake iOS jailbreaks for years, and it seems that he’s now moved onto fleecing the Apple TV jailbreaking community. Any sites you see such as “AppleTV3Jailbreak dot com” and “DailyGossip dot org” are fake and scams that should be avoided at all cost. There have been many reports of individuals duped by him and other scammers across the web.


From :

Seriously love idiots that need to put someone down. I didn’t say I trusted the info I said I knew people that said they were on the beta team. I don’t know if true or not.

Next time I will not comment so you don’t feel the need to be an idiot.

Have no problem with you proving your point with logic, like other people did but saying I got the info from comments is just stupid. You don’t have a clue who I know or who i have talked to.

[quote=MaDTaZ]I actually know people that have been on the beta team for this group and what I am hearing was it was a tethered jailbreak and now they are working on the graphic ui for the untethered.  



to quote you,  save the b.s. it surely sounds like it’s real


Yep like I said idiot lol

I’d like to ad that I’ve sold my ATV3 and ordered the Xios DS.

XBMC, here I come !

FU Apple !


Do you ha tried an apple tv 2?

Can you sendt me a little info about the Xios DS, when you get it, is think about selling the 2 apple tv 2’s that I hav

You can sendt me an email :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I would love to see a apple tv 3 jailbreak but i don’t think its going to happen and i think my apple 3 is just a paper weight :frowning:



Thanks for posting off topic spam!


How is it off topic? there is no jailbreak coming out for the 3… we can all sit around and hold our breath but it’s not going to help. What do you want to hear? Do you really need someone to tell you pull your head out of the sand and move on with your life because its a dead project and the amount of people that care about it is insignificant compared to the amount of people who care about iPad, iPhone, iPod jailbreaks? Furthermore of the people who are interested in an apple tv jailbreak is broken down further with those who already moved on to one of them NUMEROUS existing alternatives wether it be Raw, Android, finding an old apple tv 2 or 1, Rasp Pi, etc. You can view the comments on that scam site, there isn’t 10’s of thousands, we are talking hundreds… this market is almost none existent. 

But hey you keep hoping and your welcome! :slight_smile:

This is a support forum for ATV 2/3 jailbreak and your trying to SPAM here. That is off topic. GTFO

No one wants your SPAM!

THERE IS NO APPLE 3 JAILBREAK. So no it is not off topic, and no it is not spam, why are you so offended? Did you rush in here thinking that today was going to be the big day and the jailbreak released? I didn’t post anything regarding alternatives where people are asking legit questions or don’t have their heads up their ass believing that the jailbreak is going to be released next week as promised for the last 6 months by the same website. Stop perpetuating the myth there will be a jailbreak and let people get over it.

Gombeek has a point.

No ATV3 jailbraik.

The RAW looks like a nifty device, although it has a pretty steep price.

I wonder how it handles 44Gb BluRays.


By the way, my Xios arrived and I really love it. Plays anything I throw at it and is lightning fast with Linux and XBMC.