Is there anyway to use an external hard drive? also 1080p.. please help..

I just picked up and Apple TV2 and jailbroke it installing XBMC and Nitto.  My first question is can you hook up an external hard drive to play your media VS streaming everything?  Also, how do I know I am getting the full 1080P when I am playing a blu ray rip?  Thanks for your information… I am very new to this product.

no way to connect directly to the ATV2. But you have a couple virtual options

  1. Connect to your remote hard drive that is connected to your router.
  2. Connect to your remote hard drive that is connected to computer (PC or MAC)
  3. Buy a hard drive that has built in WIFI to allow connectivity (saw an advertisement for this recently).

Thanl you for the response… How about the 1080p thing?  How do I know that it is playing my Movies (bluray rips) in 1080P?  I know when the Apple TV starts my screen says 720 but shouldent change to 1080 when I go into XBMC?  Is there a way to check for this?

I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure this out myself and kept thinking there has to be a way… I have now found a solution and currently stream HD movies (10GB and over) via XMBC on a jailbroken Apple TV. I don’t need the computer to be on. But my method involves a time capsule.

  1. Make sure you have jailbroken your Apple TV and have XMBC installed on it

  2. Connect your TC via ethernet to your router and ensure in the TC settings that you access the internet via ethernet (go to Airport Utility to do this).

  3. Connect your external hard drive via USB to your TC. Do a test to make sure the TC recognises your drive by making sure you can see your external hard drive in Finder through your Time Capsule.

  4. Connect your TC to your Apple TV2 via ethernet, and make sure that in Apple TV you are accessing the internet via ethernet, under ‘Settings’.

  5. Open XMBC and go into ‘Files’. From there you should be able to locate your Time Capsule and the external hard drive and then therefore all your movies. If you download the add-on called you can then set XMBC to automatically download artwork for any new files added to the external hard drive. For further info on that checkout the XMBC website and there is a lot of support there.

Streaming an HD movie now should work without a hitch as all is connected together via ethernet rather than wirelessly.

Hope this helps!





I have tried hooking up my hard drive as described but still can not locate my time capsule / hard drive.  Where does it show up.  Do you have to take password protection off your time capsule?

you need to add source. in xbmc go to system/ file manager. select add source. click browse and add network location. Select protocol Apple filing Protocol AFP. Enter the ip address, username and password if any.Click ok and enter a name for the source. Call it whatever… Time Capsule… Click ok and you now have a share.