Is there anyway to clear metadata from one specific folder?

So I’ve been playing around with replacing folder icons with TV series posters by putting folder.jpg files into my folders. In my obsessive nature to make them look perfect I realized I wanted to edit some in photoshop after viewing them on my TV. Once edited, I replace the files… however the old image still remains as the thumbnail for the folder on the appleTV. I know I can simply clear my entire metadata to fix that… but I’d rather not do that as that would be a pain to have to reload. Is there a way to clear my metadata for just specific folders so they will reload the new folder.jpg?

Is an option for this ever planned to be added into ATV Flash?

Hmm, should be possible.

We’ll take a look.


Thanks for taking a look into it, you’re always so fast in getting out responses James. Highly appreciated. :smiley:

I’d like this ability too please. It’s been driving me nuts trying to remove several folder images for better ones with no luck. Surely when one holds the centre button down to get folder control one could be able to request an individual folder ‘refresh’.

For me this problem has occurred in a couple of ways:

Firstly in the TV folder Ancient Aliens the atv found an image from the internet and I hoped to replace this with an image called ‘Ancient Aliens.jpg’ and later ‘Folder.jpg’ within the folder but its not been replaced/updated.

Secondly for the folder Smallville I placed an image into the folder called ‘smallville.jpg’. I wanted to changed that image and removed the image and placed a new image called ‘Smallville.jpg’ outside the folder (so the image and folder sit side by side within the TV folder as per Firecore instructions). Again, not updated.

Not the end of the world, but quite annoying as when you start learning how to use the unit and aTV Flash you are bound to make mistakes which need correcting.

Exactly my thoughts on how this would work, holding down the center button on a folder would give a “refresh metadata” option for that folder. Just like how it does for all media.

I agree that adding an option to update metadata on individual folders should be added as an option when you press the middle button (where you select the Favorites,  Content and View types).  The only work around to refresh updated “folder.jpg” I’ve found is to “clear all metadata” in Settings.  This is extreme but I only do it when I make major changes.  Looking forward  for possible option in an upcoming revision of Media Player. 

On the basis on you have this folder as a ‘favourite’, why don’t you just remove the folder from the favourite list then re add it?

I’ve done that, too. I don’t make many major changes to artwork files (only twice), so either way works fine for me as a temporary solution.