Is there any way to override the metadata?

I have some music videos that are getting movie metadata and want to remove it and edit it myself.

I’ve got some films that have no metadata, but it is finding random metadata from a similar named film, can you just remove the metadata or set to ‘none’ etc…?

We’re working on a way to select ‘none’, and just have Infuse use the embedded metadata (if available). If no embedded metadata is found, Infuse will generate it’s own thumbnail, and show the video specs.

Could you not add an option to not see iTunes synced content? Or maybe just add one box/artwork with music video’s or iTunes Content? Then have all your iTunes synced music video’s / films under that one artwork/box? I have loads of music video’s and its just making the App look a mess & all have the wrong/random artwork. Other than that brilliant app!

Please also add the ability to search the metadata with a custom title in case the filename does not return any suitable results.

Thanks for the idea. I’ll see if we can find a way to ignore certain media types like music videos and podcasts.

Good idea. Though was there a specific titled you were having trouble with? We’re using TheMovieDB for movie info and TheTVDB for TV show info, so it would be interesting to see if the movie in question was listed on either one.


Hi James,

The movie I had the problem with was “This is 40” and the TV Show “Nip Tuck”.

But I think the problem is not that the movie is not in the database, but the filename of the movie. I downloaded it and it was in this structure:


    ├── CD1

    │   └── sparks-thisis40-xvid.cd1.avi

    ├── CD2

    │   └── sparks-thisis40-xvid.cd2.avi

    └── sparks-thisis40-xvid.nfo

When copying to the iPad using iTunes, you cannot copy folders so the files end up on the iPad as sparks-thisis40-xvid.cd1.avi and if you search for that in your DB's, it will probably not yield any results.
Therefore it would be great if you allowed us to just type in a custom name to search the DBs for.
Greetings, Kim

What ever happened to the “none” option? I have some training videos that are automatically selecting some obscure movies for their metadata, and edit returns no other options, so I’m stuck. If I could enable “show filenames” only for one folder, then do the custom artwork, I could work around it. Is there a way this can work now? I’ve paid for Infuse 5 pro.

James, care to weigh in on this?

For synced content, you can select the ‘use embedded metadata’ option that appear at the bottom of the list of potential matches shown when editing files.

If you prefer to have this apply to all your files, you can enable the global ‘Embedded Metadata’ setting found the main Settings menu, and also disable ‘Metadata Fetching’. Either of these options will cause Infuse to generate metadata and thumbnails from the videos themselves.

I don’t see that option. These files are stored on my NAS and accessed via FTP.