Is there any way at all to jailbreak ATV2 6.2.1?


I apologize if this has been asked before on this forum, but I wanted some more relevant and up to date information. As the title says, I have an ATV2 with 6.2.1 (6698.99.50.41) software. Is there a way to jailbreak or downgrade this (I haven’t saved any firmware shsh blobs). If not, are there anyone actually working on jailbreaking this version?

Thank you for your answers!

  • Ex0dus

There’s no jailbreak for the latest, or we would all be doing it. Additionally, without the SHSH blobs for earlier versions, you won’t be jailbreaking. You could d/l seas0npass and try some of the others to see, but if you know for certain it has never been jailbroken in the past, I’m afraid you are out of luck.

The information you need about the current state of jailbreaks is in the stickied forum topic, just up from yours

^ Not true, just run seasonpass and it will automatically downgrade and jailbreak to 5.3 regardless of what version you are currently running and regardless if you have shsh blobs saved or not.

Thank you for your replies, I’ll try Seas0npass and if it doesn’t work it doesn’t.

Well, will you look at that! It worked :smiley: Thank you, Sufferin :slight_smile:

Hi Ex0dus. Was your Apple TV 2 6.2.1 already jail broken once? I have one that’s never been jail broken and I’m wondering if this method would work for me too. Mine is an ATV2 with 6.2.1 installed.



No, it hasn’t been jailbroken before. Do it like I did and just try, I am glad it worked for me. I’m currently streaming a movie from my pc to my apple tv with XBMC :smiley:

As Sufferinsuccotash wrote:

“Just run seasonpass and it will automatically downgrade and jailbreak to 5.3 regardless of what version you are currently running and regardless if you have shsh blobs saved or not.”


damn. I thought my answer was pretty clear. Apparently not.

Actually it IS true. 6.2.1 (the latest I referred to) cant be jailbroken. Thats the question I answered and I did not claim that no downgrade was possible.

Yes you DID claim a downgrade is not possible without having saved SHSH blobs…

…and it’s NOT true

You’re right. Oh well…

It’s all good. It’s surprising Apple is still signing 5.3 actually.

I got an error while running seasonpass that it wasn’t able to save signatures. I hit OK and program exits.

Model #:mc572ll/a

Software ver:6.2.1 6698.99.50.41

I found that the fix is when you plug in w/o cable, seasonpass will prompt to save firmware for later restores. It sounds like a great idea, but you need to hit no (if running the 6.2.1). It didn’t attempt to download the 5.3 when I hit yes, and I would get a couldn’t save backup error and close.

I’ve been having a similar problem as Ex0dus except I haven’t had my magical “omg it is fixed moment”
Running 6.2.1 - tried every possible fix I can think of. If anyone has any suggestions please throw them at me

6.2.1 is the final iOS for aTV2 afaik. If it were possible to save .shsh you more then likely need to fireup windows and tinyumbrealla and ifaith. Big if there…

Going back to the original question - does anyone know if a jailbreak for 6.2.1 is in the works?

I don’t want to have to choose between aTV Flash and HBO NOW.

I can airplay from infuse, but that requires another device and I’m lazy.


EDIT 2: Ah so this doesn’t require jailbreak but does require Plex running on the NAS - which mine doesn’t do. Sigh, I’ll airplay from infuse from now and hope that season pass gets updated, because the jailbreak is fantastic if it weren’t for HBO NOW.

EDIT 1: Just wrote a big reply and realised this doesn’t require jailbreak. I will try and let you know. Thanks!

There is not a massive need to backup any SHSH blobs other than 5.3.

Since Apple are still signing 5.3, anyone can downgrade without any blobs to achieve an untethered jailbreak.
Backing up your SHSH blobs for 5.3 would be in pro-caution in the case that Apple stop signing this version and something happens to your device.