Is there any kind of tutorial about setting up Infuse?

Hi guys!

I’ve been using Infuse since v4 and at this point I can assume that I don’t know how to set up correctly infuse.
I’ve set up my synology ds216Play via SMB and there’s two ways to show media.
Selecting Movies/Series folder as favorites or let infuse made some magic with the Library icon.
If I use the Library icon… everything or the 99% of the content will autodetect titles, download covers, etc… but If I set the movies/series folder as favourite (the same folders organization as in the library) I get a lot of rubish, lot of tv shows showed as cartoon, for example… the get down appears as some kind of superman cartoons… and it appears in “others” section, etc…

Other problem that I’m getting is that if I correct any metadata… it will show correctly for a week or two. then, any day it will appear again without cover and metadata.

And finally… tv shows or movies that I have finished will keep in the “viewing” section on the main window.

So… what are you selecting, or what is the correct way to get all the media? Plex will detect everything but the performance playing content of infuse it’s much better, so I will want to get Infuse working correctly.

Yep, a handful of guides for getting the basics up and running can be found here.