Is there any education discount for infuse pro?

I live in Turkey, 1 dolar is 5.6 turk lira.

Infuse Pro 6 is 170 turk liras.

It’s too much for a university student. I had infuse 4 pro in my other iPhone account. But I changed my account and I want to buy Infuse Pro 6 and laters.

But, it’d be great if there’s a discount for students.

I searched but I couldn’t find. :frowning:

Welcome to the forum!

We don’t currently have a discount option in place for students, but you may look at either the monthly or yearly subscription options available through the free Infuse 6 app as they are priced rather reasonably.

Thank you james.
But monthly/yearly things are not suitable for me:)
And it’s not fair to pay x5.5 times more. It’s my country’s fault.
So I’ll wait for an discount. I hope it’ll come. Following your twitter’s account:3

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