Is there any benefit to using plex dlna instead of a share?

Does it sync any of the meta data or is it just a shortcut to avoid having to add each folder?

I had issues with bad quality over dlna. I simply configured SFTP and it worked like a dream.

No benefit, just another option for adding content to Infuse.

If you’re indifferent to how you connect, I’d recommend using a direct option like NFS or SMB.

Hi folks,
I’m running Plex and added some of my data via NFS/SMB. Works fine so far besides some TV shows which are not properly identified and tagged. Approx 500 episodes of different shows. In Plex I have them all properly tagged.
I’m quite uncertain if I should switch to Plex, knowing that Plex has to be active for watching any media. Ideally I just want to maintain my metadata once, especially if I have to correct the metadata. Afaik using Plex via DLNA Infuse will play the files natively.
Thx for any proposal.

I found when I used DLNA that Plex would randomly mark things as watched or played. I tried it a few different times, and Plex would have random shows with random episodes marked as watched and movies watched halfway through. Not sure if it has something to do with how Infuse scans the media and how Plex’s DLNA works, but that was my experience at least… so now I use Trakt to sync between Plex and Infuse. Plex has a plugin you can add for Trakt. I’ve found that working best until Infuse adds native Plex support

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