Is there a way to show media on top shelf?

@James were you able to look into this any further? Did you get the logs I submitted?

There really weren’t any good clues in your report, but are looking into a few things.

By chance, are you using Parental Controls on your Apple TV? Does disabling these allow the Top Shelf to appear for Infuse?

That seems to be it. I turned off parental controls and now I can see things in the top shelf. Is there possibly a work around for infuse to make things show up even with parental controls enabled?

Thanks for confirming!

We’re looking into what can be done here.

Just confirmed (with the help of a new post on MacRumors) that in ATV settings under “General” > “Restrictions” > “Allowed Content” > “Apps” if you have restrictions for “Apps” set to anything other than “Allow All Apps” it will hide Infuses top shelf and display just the Infuse logo.

This is on tvOS 15.0 and Infuse 7.2.1 on a ATV4K (first gen).

This was the case before TVos 15 as well. Had the same issue in 14.