Is there a way to have landscape thumbnails on iPad?

Unless I’ve missed something obvious, there doesn’t appear to be any way to set thumbnails to landscape orientation. I am able to use landscape images as thumbnails, but they just appear as the same portrait orientation with the sides cropped.

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Thumbails are fixed to a poster aspect ratio.

However, you can add fanart for your videos which would appear in landscape on the details page.

To do this, simply name your files like this.


Can you please allow landscape thumbnails in an update! To be honest I still can’t get my head around why you don’t allow this. Almost all video in existence is landscape, and not everyone wants or needs portrait poster artwork. Your app is the only software I have ever seen that handles videos this way. I’d really like to buy the pro version but this is a deal breaker.

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Yes, please! A button to change between different image layouts (Poster, Thumbnail, etc.) would be ideal!