is there a way to downgrade from aTV 1.4.1 back to aTV 1.4

I’m currently running iOS 4.4.4 and did an upgrade to maintenance. Now my apple tv 2 shows the version is 1.4.1. After the upgrade PLEX stopped playing any videos. I want to downgrade back to 1.4 to get PLEX working again. Is there a way to do this? Thanks for your help

No you cannot. Even if you have an older installer it still fetches the content from the same place.

I do not believe that the version of FireCore software that you use affects whether Plex works or not.   As far as I know all the FireCore software does is get the latest Plex from the Plex repository.   On that basis there is no good reason to want 1.4 rather than 1.4.1 of the FireCore software.

after the upgrade, i can see my content on PLEX but when trying to play any videos the screen just stays black and no doesn’t play. I’ve even tried to uninstall PLEX and reinstall with no luck.

Looks like the culprit was Direct Play for PLEX. Once I turned that off, everything started to work again. I guess we’ll have to wait until PLEX is updated for this feature to work again.