Is there a way to disable the merging of the same Plex Library type?

Within the Infuse Home screen, any given Plex Library type is consolidated down to “TV Shows”, “Movies”, ect. This is bothersome if I’m only really interested, say, recently added items in my 4K Movie library but still want my ‘regular’ Movie library present in the app.

Within Plex you can achieve this via unchecking the Settings > Manage > Libraries: ‘Merge Recently Added Items’ option. Is there an version of this for Infuse? Going in and out of the Library settings to add or pull the like Libraries is not a great time.

If you are using Library Mode you can pick and choose which Plex libraries are scanned and grouped together in the Infuse library.

Plex libraries can be added/removed in Infuse > Settings > Library.

Deselected libraries can still be browsed by browsing the Plex share directly in Infuse.

I understand that, but the app merges the like libraries together if they are selected. I don’t want to constantly add and remove selected libraries (and have to redownload the metadata and so on) all the time in order to just see one or the other in the home screen’s Recently Added section. Is there a way to disable the grouping together of libraries?

If you could sort the ‘Files > [Plex Library] > [Library]’ views by date added or some other means I could make due, but that appears to be hardcoded to be an Alphanumeric sort.

I hope i can be of any help but I dont use plex I use dropbox in Library Mode. What I do on TVOS en IOS is making a collection. (Not a playlist)
And if I want to see all the files from that collection in my homescreen I go to edit the home page with the sort order button in the right top of your screen. Then I dont add the whole Collections section by clicking + on the tab collections, but I click the arrow pointed towards the right. There you can choose what collection to add sepertly to you homescreen reacting to your setted way of displayinf it.

Example: Then It only ads the collection you want and displays it as in recently uploaded style if the recently uploaded method is selected in the infuse settings in general for the app. So I can add a collection and let it display just like the other file locations which are favorited or manually added to the homescreen. You then can positition that row of files wherever you want on the home screen by dragging it above or beneath other home screen selected, playlisys, collections or favorited file locations. This works for me and I have worked with plex before but if I do all the settings in infuse itself with a cloud as external content drive. You also could make new folder beforehand in a dropbox or in your case a folder in plex and make favorite.
Only then the menaging of the metadata in the layout is controlled outside of infuse so that needs to read the changes again becauae there made outisde infuse.
I personally drop everything in one folder. Dont sort it on your server or drive. And start fixing it to your liking with the infuse settings, because there are lots of combinations of settings which can make the look of the app very customized and diffrent.
so I give the order to my files inside the infuse app. That way metadata stays always the same because your not messing with the folders and files on plex. The metadata is already loaded in infuse and you change it to your liking there.

I hope this was an fitting answer to your question. If not i aplogize for misunderstanding your meaning of the question and you can always messege me again because I’m a beta tester for a year and fiddle and change the infuse settings every day a few
Times to get to know the app. So now I know what everything does and what affects what. But it took my a while to get a grip of understanding the interface ompletely also.

If its unclear. Or I can help in any other way. Just ask if its a settingswise question. And tell me the what OS your using then I will screenrecord me doing it from the same OS only with my files. That might be easier to follow.

Kind regards

Sjoerd Henderickx