Is there a way I can force Infuse to pull the episodes/movies I've watched from my trakt profile?

Pretty much what the title says. I created a new Plex server as I got rid of my old one and set up Infuse on my Apple TV, however it’s not pulling the watched status of movies/episode from my trakt account automatically.

It should be doing this automatically, or am I mistaken?

Are you running the free version of Infuse or do you have a subscription?

The free version won’t sync from Trakt to Infuse, only from Infuse to Trakt.

A subscription to Infuse Pro 7 should allow for syncing from Trakt to Infuse as well as from Infuse to Trakt.

If you’re using Plex (or Emby or Jellyfin) Infuse will not pull watched history from Trakt. However, it will send watched history to Trakt.

Instead, Infuse will rely on the watched history provided by the Plex server, and will synced watched info back as well.

If you set up a non-media server share (via SMB, NFS, FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV) then Infuse would pull in watched statuses from Trakt.

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