Is there a "undo" button?


had my first go with Seas0nPass today. I was following a guide from January 2012(did NOT notice that before the damage was done....) and I simply jailbroke it with 5.3. Unaware of SHSH, blobs and tethered - I was in for a really bad time.


I want to restore my ATV back to it´s original state. I tried restore it through iTunes (with untouched package from Apple), but it will not boot up without being thetered. Is there a solution?


Also, I would like to add that the Seasonpass software itself should come with a warning regarding thetered booting and 5.3. I know allot of you guys do proper research before doing things like this, but some of us are really trigger happy..


 Can´t wait for update, 



Bump. Would like to use my ATV2 wihtout help from my computer. 

Unfortuantely without saved firmware signatures there’s no way to go back to an older version. Sorry.