Is There a Trick to Launching Firefox?

I’ve never been able to get Firefox to launch, and still can’t with the upgrade to 4.02. Is there something I’m doing stupidly, or just plain wrong?
I go into NitoTV/Applications, and hit enter on Firefox. Sometimes I get the color wheel spinning briefly. But for the most part, it just hangs. Pressing menu will either get me out, or reboot the ATV entirely. I’ve enabled Air Mouse on my iPhone, and that works, but it’s not much good without the app to use it with. All help appreciated.

Okay, I think I’ve figured this one out through trial and error, too: To launch Firefox, go to nitoTV/Applications, and launch it by pressing enter. Then reasonably quickly, press menu - as if you’re backtracking, but it will keep you on the same screen - and press enter again. Firefox will launch. As others have said, you’ll need a USB mouse or mobile air mouse to make it work. But it works very well indeed.

Because Firefox on ATV Flash lacks the top menu bar, you have to use keyboard options. For example, on mobile air mouse, opening a new tab is AppleKey-T. Etc., etc.

I just started with ATVFlash and have the latest version of everything. I am disappointed so far as what I was looking for was a convienent way to browse the internet on my AppleTV. So far, CouchSurfer doesn’t even show up and I can’t get Firefox to open consistently. A question for you, do I need to have a keyboard plugged in to use Firefox and other NitoTV apps? I have loaded the AirMouse and can’t get that to work in Firefox either. Any insight you or anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.