Is there a Tethered JB for the 3rd generation

Heard that there is but haven’t found anything here so beginning to think that was another ridiculous rumor.  Does one exist?


Much thanks!





It’s was another ridiculous rumor.  I think, it is just best to move on, at this point.  I don’t see a likely jailbreak for the ATV3 in the foreseen future, unfortunately.  I also have an ATV3 which is just collecting dust in its box.  I am presently only using an ATV2.

yup just forget about it, there a new apple tv out now model a1469 (3,2)which is a bit smaller with a better antenna and a faster processor

Right, and have you seen what ATV2 are selling for (EBay), over $200.
I’n not gonna give up on the JB for the 3 but with the new model, it’d certainly going to be a wait give that they haven’t even begun to work on it. The A5 has been JB on the iPhone, that’s got to be part of the battle. Here’s hoping!