Is there a faster way to transfer files?

I successfully installed aTV. Now I’m trying to move some movies to my Apple TV. I used FTP transfer and it works but my connection speed is only 46KB/sec (probably the awful internet service I have). Is there a way to copy faster by either: 1) connect Apple TV box directly to my Macbook via the USB port. 2) or transfer the movies to a USB stick, then plug that USB stick into the Apple TV box and transfer the files from the USB stick to the Apple TV internal drive?

The fast way to transfer files is to connect your ATV to your computer with direct crossover ethernet cable without using any router or switch, you can reach up to 80Mb/sec transfer rate

can you explain how to connect the apple tv to the imac for transfering files

Thanks abuseif. Once I connect the cable between my Apple TV and my Macbook, where do I find the connection window? I mean, where do I drag and drop files to? What program do I need to use to do the transfer?

Hi, After you install the patchstick it will enable ftp on the apple box.

ftp using Cyberduck:
Security: STFP
HOST: appletv.local
USER: frontrow
PASSWORD: frontrow

Once connected, create a file called Movies in the main root. This ‘Movies’ folder then appears under the FILES option on your Apple tv. Then just ftp all your movies into this folder, but quicker to use a LAN cable.


Chopper72, how can you do what you said but be sure that you are connected via ethernet and not wifi?