Is there a fast forward function?

Looking to do a fast forward like many apps do. So, say I have a 5 hour recording, and I want to fast forward through it, and maybe where I need to og is somewhere 3/4 or so through the video. 10s skips obviously don’t cut it. I don’t see a fast forward where you can progressively go faster.

If this is possible via 4k 2nd gen remote, how?

Just as importantly, what about via IR? The fast forward IR codes are ignored by Infuse. As is discrete pause, etc.

Click and hold left/right button

But it ignored the Apple TV IR codes for fast forward, discrete pause, etc.? I guess that’s my real question. I was wanting fast forward to well, fast forward. Like other ATV apps.

Additionally, sitting here in the living room, using 1st gen 4k, there is no right button. All I can do is scrub across with 1st gen.

But my main issue is fast forward button on universal remote to control apple tv which works in other apps is ignored by Infuse.