Is there a best way to organize and store media for infuse?

I am just using my nas that I added to infuse. But that wont work when I take my appletv somewhere away from home, right?
Is there a god tier way of doing this? I mean having all my video files neatly organized, safe and usable even if not at home? Is it a plex server? I dont know anything about plex servers, I just heard about it.

This should get you started

Does this also work when I take the apple tv with me? I dont want to log into it from away from home, I want to take the apple tv with me and have it play everything as home where it is connected to nas.

If you enable remote streaming, either directly on the NAS or via server software such as Emby, Jellyfin, or Plex then Infuse would be able to access the content stored on the NAS while either home or away.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to store content locally on the Apple TV for use while traveling.