Is the Jellyfin interface broken at 7.3.2 & 7.3.3?

I’ve been using Infuse successfully for several months on an Apple TV 4K with two Jellyfin media servers (versions 10.7.7 & 10.8.0) running on a Synology NAS. Both instances of Jellyfin point to the same underlying media folders/libraries.

Two days after the Infuse app was updated to 3.7.2, the 10.7.7 Jellyfin suddenly started returning
“An error occurred. Unexpected server response. Please try again” whenever I tried to navigate from the Jellyfin libraries to the underlying files & folders.
I abandoned using the 10.7.7 Jellyfin, and just continued to use the 10.8.0 version only.
However, two weeks later, after using Infuse/Jellyfin for about an hour one morning, the 10.8.0 Jellyfin suddenly started failing in the same way.

I have tried doing all the usual things:
Restarting the Apple TV, the Infuse app, Jellyfin servers and the NAS.
I’ve also dropped the Jellyfin shares and reconfigured them.
But nothing seems to fix the problem.

When the Jellyfin servers are configured, I can see Infuse fetching all the underlying files, metadata & artwork - so it appears to have no problem accessing the NAS. You can also Search for content, which Infuse finds and can then play.

Any suggestions on how to fix this Libraries → Files/Folders navigation problem?

I assume you mean Infuse 7.3.2 and 7.3.3 correct?

Can you check to ensure you’re running InfuseSync 1.4.1?

Yes, Infuse 7.3.2 & 7.3.3.
Until the problem occurred I had been using the InfuseSync 1.4.1 plugin (although the Jellyfin 10.8.0 instance reports that the plugin is “NotSupported”).
Also, since the problem began, I have tried restarting both versions of Jellyfin with and without the plugin installed to see if that fixed the problem - it didn’t.
This Libraries → Files/Folders navigation problem also affects the Speed Test section of the Infuse configuration - in other words, you can’t perform a Speed Test.

I also have the same problem. Has there been any update on this matter ? I love Infuse & would like to continue my subscription.

Initially I junked my 10.7.7 & 10.8.0 Jellyfin instances and started over again.

However, several weeks later, the same “An error occurred. Unexpected server response. Please try again” thing happened again with the 10.7.7 Jellyfin when trying to navigate from Libraries to Folders.

This time I tried to see if there was another solution without having to junk the Jellyfins again.
I eventually found a workaround.
Try the following:

  1. In Jellyfin, create a new User (user2) with all the same permissions & privileges as your original user (user1).
  2. Delete user1.
  3. Rename user2 as user1.

Infuse should start working again.
This worked for me (and has been for at least 3 weeks now).

I’m fairly convinced that when the problem occurs Jellyfin is sending something to Infuse that Infuse is treating as an error. Whatever this “something” is, it doesn’t cause apps like VLC or MrMC any problems.

Whilst trying to find a solution, I hit upon another bug in Infuse:
If you have two Shares to the same Jellyfin, one for user1/password1 & one for user2password2, and connect as user2, it doesn’t take long before Infuse tries to communicate with Jellyfin using user1/password2 causing a username/password error.

I had this occur within the last day on both my 2017 ATV 4k and 2021 ATV 4k. I had to delete the share and re login into Jellyfin and it appears to be working again. I am using Jellyfin 10.7.7 with the Infusesync plugin Infuse version is 7.3.6. It seemed everything was working on Infuse 7.3.5

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