Is the in app purchase inside infuse 5 that shows infuse pro same as purchase of infuse 5 pro?

If not, what is the difference?

Here is a post that explains a bit about the differences. Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

A summary is that there are a few differences between the in app purchase that are noted in the above link but to simplify it, you can purchase the Infuse Pro version and have that and all future updates to version 5. With this option you would then have to purchase version 6 (and all of it’s future update until version 7) when version six comes out.

The other option is to purchase a subscription in Infuse 5 and with that subscription you will have access to all new versions including version 6 and 7 etc as long as you keep your subscription current. There are monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions available so you can choose which works best for you. The best bang for your buck in my opinion is the lifetime subscription that takes the worry out of remembering when to renew and you will always have the most current and up to date version of Infuse.

Just remember, if you purchase Infuse 5 Pro you will not be able to take advantage of any of the new features in version 6 when it comes out unless you purchase version 6. You will still have version 5 to use though.

If you go the subscription route, if your subscription lapses (unless you go the lifetime subscription) then you revert back to the free version which has many limitations and restrictions on types of files you can view.

Hope this helps.

So, can I simply say, the difference is just payment method? (by month, by year, by lifetime, by version…)

But either way, can enjoy the full function of the current Pro version, right?

I asked because I have this terrible experience, there are 2 links (infuse 5, infuse pro) at apple TV app store, I’ve installed infuse 5 and through in app purchase paid 1year fee then I see infuse pro appears. But after I installed TVos12, I mistakenly purchased and installed infuse pro. So that means I’ve paid twice for the same “infuse pro”, right?

There are differences in how family sharing works between the two that is detailed on the link I provided. The Infuse Pro will give you the same features as the subscription but will not cover the major update to Infuse 6 when that comes out.

Just remember, there’s nothing saying that Infuse “has” to work with tvOS beta software. Firecore will always do their best but they aren’t mind readers when it comes to what Apple changes in beta software so remember, you’re risking not only your other purchased software but you could possibly brick your ATV when using beta software.

If I don’t have internet,
Is it good to buy Infuse Lifetime?
Because in-app purchase need internet, right?
Also is there any feature difference between Lifetime in app purchase and Infuse Pro?

(ı know Lifetime means all future version, Infuse Pro cover only its version)

I am saying that there is difference about a family sharing.

Is there any other feature difference?
Will in-app-lifetime purchase need alwaya internet for showing I am Pro.
Can someone explain all? (Not only last question)

You may want to stick with the two other threads you’ve started regarding the free version vs pro and upgrade questions instead of resurrecting a thread with a different question on a different version than what you have that’s over a year old and has been marked as solved.

You’ll get better answers with the two threads you have already started.

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