is the aTV flash 4.2 not compatible with NTFS File system ?


i hae Apple tv 160GB running aTV Flash  4.2

whin i connect my USB NTFS file system external hard drive and go to nitoTV-->Files-->External Media --->  and press ok  there is not any folder appear !

is the aTV flash not compatible with NTFS File system ?

how i can play files lagre than 4 GB ?

my pc running windows 7

Has the drive been setup for primary iTunes storage? If so, any non-iTunes files will need to be placed into the 'External Media' folder on the drive to be accessed in nitoTV.

this is a pretty terse comment by the moderator.

You will need to format the USB drive with apple HFS+ file system. Then attach the drive with apple tv via the external drive. Switch back to internal after though.

this will create a file structure on your drive that will allow the external usb to be seen.

I am using MACDRIVE tool to do this.

Additionally, the AppleTV will only be able to recognize drives formatted in Mac OS or FAT32 formats. If you're using a PC you can use the MacDrive program previously mentioned to format the drive in Mac OS format -or- follow the guide in the link below to format the drive in FAT32.

FAT32 will not work for large file sizes over 4GB.

use the new format called exFAT. The drive will be recognized. You can format a drive with exFAT under Windows 7.

as a weird quirk the ATV will reformat your exFAT drive as HFS+ when you attach it as EXTERNAL then switch it to INTERNAL then back to EXTERNAL.

I had a driver for my Windows 7 machine that will read HFS+ drives and write to them. (Cost $15) Just not sure of all this.

I tried exFAT and it did not work. I had to reformat and re-copy everything back onto the drive to get it to work.