Is SMB sharing the preferred method for Apple TV?

Ive just got my first ATV and so far enjoying it. I actually got it mainly for using Infuse as im Feds up with the plain NAS folder look my Samsung TV gives. I use Infuse 5 a lot on my iPad Pro, without issues.
I was reading through the forum and noticed a few have buffering issues unless using SMB. Ive not watched anything yet so I don’t know if i ll have these issues or not, but i did notice on my iPad Pro that using SMB was a bit slower to list the files on my ReadyNas2. On my IPad UPnP seems much snappier.

Just wondered what the most reliable methods will be on the ATV really. If i need to use SMB on the ATV AND i use UPnP on my IPad, am i right in thinking if i also use iCloud sync both devices will have two sets of shares? I understand the ATV version has a Library feature so i can hid the extra shares, and im not really bothered about have two sets but it would be nice not to have to worry about them showing.

Thanks for any advice.