Is RGB High still a preferred output mode??

From my searching and reading (most of the threads and posts were in 2018), general consensus seems to be ‘RGB High’ due to YCbCr outputting inaccurate color output. (tvOS bug?)

Well, now we are in the middle of 2019 with tvOS 12.3
Can anyone shed a light on this RGB High vs YCbCr on Apple TV 4K running tvOS 12.3 ??

Any info on this?

IIRC, YCbCr output was fixed in the later builds of tvOS 12.

Looks like still not fixed

What am i looking at?

rgb high vs ycbcr.

another compare:

atv(ycbcr and rgb high) vs xbox onx x(rgb) vs shield tv (ycbcr 422)

I honestly dont see a difference, if there is one its incredibly minor.
Correct me if im wrong

Difference is obviously, you need watch pic on good monitor.

To be quite honest argument about the difference is pointless as this is an Apple hardware issue that the infuse folks can’t fix. Continue to use the hardware with any limitations or ditch it and move on to something else.

Hardware problem? who says this? Can you provide link to info.

I’m saying it’s an Apple issue not an infuse one. Either hardware of software.

Ok but more people will be know about problem than more people will report this to apple.