is plex integration native? does plex recognize infuse as an "official" player?

It was my understanding that infuse natively integrates with Plex server. However when I ask Alexa to play a movie from my Plex library, she says “I could not find any plex companion players”. Even though I have infuse configured with Plex server, playing my library just fine, and Alexa skill connected to Plex server.

I can only guess that infuse can connect to Plex and play videos, but Plex doesn’t really recognize infuse as an official or native player.

Is anyone else trying to get infuse player to listen to Alexa commands?

An alternative solution would be an infuse skill for Alexa.

Infuse does use Plex’s native APIs to connect and stream media, but it does not currently support Plex’s Alexa skills.