Is Plex going to be now supported by Fire Core?

Since Plex is bundled with Fire Core, does it mean there will be some more development put into it by Fire Core? If not, is anyone aware if it is still being developed or whether it will stay as it is for some time?

PLEX themselves are not getting involved the client on FireCore was created by a developer.

The PLEX Client app was actually developed by quiqueck (the same developer who created KLEXI). There's a simple installation option through aTV Flash (black), but as of right now we're not involved in the actual development of the PLEX integration.

More details on development can be seen here.

I know that quiqueck was working on this POC but he has not indicated whether he is still working on it and since Plex is bundled with ATV Flash now, I was hoping that you guys have some more information on the roadmap of the client

Ok, thanks guys

It could potentially change at some point - but as of right now we've got a plate full of ideas and additions we're working on.

that is a good question then. because the client is still just as basic as it was the first day he released it. i hope you guys (meaning Fire Core) can get him to finish it, or do it themselves...