Is Perian plug auto-enabled in 4.1.3?

After reading a number of posts indicating that the Perian plug can interfere with some things and being advised to NOT install it after updating, I wanted to do exactly that when updating to ATVflash 4.1.3.

Funny thing is, that on the two updates of 4.1.3 I did, Perian came up already installed. The first time, I thought it was my mistake, having been a bit impatient with the ATV menu response after doing a factory reset, running the patchstick (v4.1.2), updating to 4.1.3 from the Maintenance menu, running Nito Smartinstaller, and clicking the remote twice on the Maintenance menu after a reboot to config plugs/extras (Perian is the first option, so I thought I’d accidentally enabled it). The second time around I was more careful. I did the entire Factory reset/ATV 3.0.2 update/ATVflash install and update to 4.1.3/Smartinstaller sequence again. Much to my surprise I found Perian AGAIN already enabled without me having done anything with plugs and extras. So I disabled Perian, and have been using ATV as such since then. XBMC works great, but Nito is having network problems (as indicated in another thread I posted here). I don’t know if that problem could be related to Perian (I doubt it, since Perian doesn’t appear to have anything to do with networking), but I mention it for purposes of full disclosure :wink:

Under ATVflash 4.1.2, Perian needed to be manually enabled, under 4.1.3 it seems Perian is automagically enabled. Can anyone confirm this?

Perian is enabled by default. If you want to remove it you can follow the guide here: