Is "On Deck" still a thing? If not, can I remove the button?

Hello. I’ve read a few related threads here and it sounds like the beloved On Deck feature doesn’t work anymore due to backend changes in Plex?
When I click on On Deck, I just get “Empty Folder: Move along, nothing to see here”.
If this button no longer has any functionality, is it possible to remove it?
This is on my Apple TV 4K 2nd Gen and latest tvOS. Thanks for any help.

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What is the On Deck button, I don’t recall seeing anything called On Deck?

Added some photos. My Infuse currently (and always did) has a button that says On Deck. It previously would list anything I was in progress of watching, be it TV episodes or movies, and it was pretty sweet.

At some point Infuse updated and I think due to some changes to Plex which I haven’t figured out yet, On Deck no longer functions.



Anyway, that’s all fine, I am just wondering if there is a way to remove the button, if it’s not going to do anything? Thanks.