Is jailbreaking ALSO the equivalent to formatting?

I’ve got an atv2 that’s jailbroken with seasonpass and the firmware is version 4.4.4.


I want to re-do everything on the atv2 because I believe I’ve caused some issues by tinkering in SSH.  If I re-jailbreak, is that the equivalent to formatting the atv2 like you would a hard disk?  I mean, will that restore EVERYTHING back to default AND completely clean/restore the file system?


Also, I don’t have any of these “blobs” that are spoken of.  That won’t affect me will it?  Not going to somehow brick my atv right?



Yes - redoing a jailbreak will wipe  existing settings.

However note that since the 4.4.4 firmware is no longer being signed and there is no jailbreak for the 5.0 firmware you HAVE to save your “blobs” to be able to redo the jailbreak to the current version.   There have recently been a number of threads about the convoluted hoops once has to go through to jailbreak to a version of firmware before 5.0 while Apple is not signing the release being applied.    You are welcome to try but you may decide to wait until a jailbreak for 5.0 is availble?

AHA!  so I need to do this “blob backup” BEFORE I rejailbreak correct?  I’m glad I didn’t just go and redo it.  what would have happened?  would it have forced me to upgrade to ios 5?  I’m just curious what catastrophe you just saved me from.


so am I following these directions?