is it worth it?



Now that there is some good news in the jailbreaking scene, I am more and more looking toward jailbreaking my ATV2. Right now, it is on the latest firmware (IOS7), but form what I can understand, in a couple of days, Seas0nPass will be updated to I will be able to jailbreak it to 5.3 unthetered and even maybe unthetered IOS7 in the weeks to come.


So, is this ATV flash or infuse thing worth it?  I mean, I read a lot of bad comments about xbmc on the ATV and I have been tinkering more than enough with my htpc solution in the past months so I would really like a hassle free setup now. I’m I right to think that ATV flash would be just that?  What’s the deal with this 30$ fee for “1 year”. Does this mean I have to pay again in a year if I want to keep using it or is it just for upgrades?  I mean, chances are that the next big upgrade will come in the next couple of months with all this new jeailbreak thing, so 1 year should be good… or not?


Right now, I am using the PlexConnect hack with my not jailbroken ATV to stream content from my plex server downstairs, but I would like to get rid of my old PC running 24/7 in the basement so I am right to think that ATV flash would allow me to access all my media stored on my nas directly from my ATV?

thanks for any advice here



I’m very new to all this, so major n00b-alert I’m afraid - but I jailbroke my ATV2 yesterday using Seas0nPass, then went on to install XBMC and Nito - then got in to a world of pain.

Zeroconfig browser on XBMC wouldn’t allow my to navigate to the movie location on my Time Capsule, so took me ages to work out how to input the AFP location manually…

Once I finally managed that, it was game over really as XMBC wouldn’t play my movies at all without major stutter and crashing out - it was horrendous! I am now an expert at understanding about x264 codecs and changing the ATV settings to compensate for deficiencies in the XMBC media player… I even went out and bought a cat6 patch cable to see if hard wiring my ATV to my Time Capsule would resolve the stutter - NO DICE!

Today, I grit my teeth and bought ATV Flash (black), which by the way comes in cheaper than my cat 6 cable! And all I can say is halleujah! It works amazingly! The infuse media player clearly is head and shoulders above anything else and plays all my movies from my Time Capsule in perfect crystal clarity, just like the ATV would’ve natively from home sharing.

So, I’d say - is it worth it? YES - it costs a bit of money, but if I had just got it straight away it would’ve saved me a day of tinkering around with settings that don’t change anything, and it would’ve saved me buying a patch cable as the movies stream over wifi perfectly as you would expect!!


great!  thanks you for your feedback. This is exactly the kind of feedback I wanted and it confirms what I was already thinking. 


One last thing though, does this 30$ price allow me to use the soft indefinitely or do I ave to pay 30$ again in a year to continue using it?


The license is checked when you run the installer on your PC/Mac … This means that there is no restriction on how long Infuse will run on your ATV once it has been installed.

However if you ever need to re-install Infuse (for example because you re-jailbrake your ATV for any reason) you will need to have a valid license in order to re-run the installer on your PC/Mac.

ok, thanks for the info


but that kinda sucks… I though the 1 year licence was only for updates. I wouldnt care beign stock to my current version forever without paying another licence, but not being able to reinstall something I already own is not really cool  :(



If you were to buy and install it today, you would be eligible for any updates for one year from purchase. If they update the software within that year you can get the update, no problem.

If they update the software AFTER that year you can still use the old version for as long as you like, you just can’t re-jailbreak. (jailbreak wipes out any added apps you’ve installed since jailbreak). ATVFlash checks to see if it’s the latest version before it installs, if it’s not the latest it won’t install. If ATVFlash hasn’t updated, even if it’s been 10 years, you can reinstall it.

As the license check is only on the PC/Mac installer, if there is an update available via the Maintenance Menu on the ATV itself you can install the upgrade even if your license had expired.