Is it worth it to get the 64GB Apple TV 4K?

I loaded full remux’s of all of my Blu Ray’s and UHD Blu Rays onto my NAS, and want to use the new 4K Apple TV to play them on my TV. The Remux’s can get quite large though. I’m pretty sure that the 4K Lord of the Rings extended trilogy is more than 100GBs.

Is there any benefit to getting the larger Apple TV model, if I plan on playing these large files? I’m pretty sure I’ve read that Infuse uses extra storage space on the Apple TV as a Cache for the movie. Is that true? Would this mean that the larger Apple TV can buffer close to 60GB of the UHD movies?

For reference, the 64 GB option is only $20. If it won’t make a difference, then I’d rather not spend the extra 20 bucks, but if it does I’d rather spend the extra money now instead of regretting it later.

If you’re just streaming media, then in my opinion there’s no point in spending that extra 20.

If you’re going to be downloading a load of games/apps, then it might be worth it.

I got the 32GB one - my first Apple TV - and using it for streaming (Infuse, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, BBC iPlayer etc), I’m happy I saved the money. Largest streamed movie I’ve tried so far is around 50gb… all is good.


Even though I mainly use infuse and that by itself isn’t taking up a lot, the 32GB 4K version still will clear its cache more than I would like. I do have a few other apps there and enjoy all of the Apple screensavers. I ordered the new 64GB. Not easy to upgrade after the fact.

I have the 64gb, not that I needed it, but not knowing what the future will bring, I decided to try and be ready. 32gb may be enough but it doesn’t hurt to take the larger size in case. This is only my opinion.