Is it possible to stream DivX from my Mac to my AppleTV ?

Hello !

I’ve hacked my AppleTV with aTV Flash.

But now, I would like to know if it’s possible to watch a DivX (which is on the HDD of my Mac) on my AppleTV ? That means that I would like to stream the “movie” folder of my mac directly on my AppleTV. I think that it’s possible for the movies of iTunes but i would like to do it with all the movies (divx, avi, mp4, …) witch are in my “movie” folder without putting them in iTunes.

For the moment, i watch them with a USBstick which I plug in my AppleTV but it’s not perfect solution accordinfg to me I would like to stream them from my Mac to my AppleTV :wink: I heard that it’s possible to do that with AFP and nitoTV but where can i find a tuto to enable AFP on my Apple TV and so, to stream DivX from my Mac to my Apple TV ?

So, to repeat it, i would like to mount a share from my Mac to the Apple TV. How can i do that ?

Tanks in advance,


Have you tried this yet?

I don’t understand… I tried that (in SMBC and AFP) and i’ve got a error message… That only worked one time… Just after a reboot, that works not anymore…

For information, i have the last firmware of the Apple TV (2.4, i think) and the last ATV Flash (3.6.2)

Is it better to use it with AFP or SMB ? And the tutorial show that i have to choose a user to acces that drive. On the tutorial, it’s “Sample User”. In case, i have to select my own session, no ?

Thanks in advance !

This seems to lead right back to a question that goes in circles…

Does this require AFP Access and is this feature limited to earlier versions of ATV only?



That now works with SMB ! Thanks !!!