Is it possible to stream content on a time capsule remotely? If so, how?

Hello, I’ve never used Infuse before but as a plex user, I have found that it’s annoying to have to have a computer on all the time. Through google searches, I’ve found out wireless hard drives (like the AirPort Time Capsule) and I am wondering if it is possible to stream content that is stored on a time capsule, say, to my iphone (using the infuse app), regardless of where I am and without having to have a computer turned on somewhere. If this is possible, I’d also like to know how to go about setting this up before I invest in Infuse and a time capsule, thank you!

Yes, you can stream from a network attached server (NAS) like the Time Capsule but personally, since Apple is bailing out of the wireless networking biz I’d say go with one of the other brands such as WD or Synology. You can search the forums and read about those and others. As to connecting to your NAS while away from home there are many caveats to this and may or may not be possible depending on your internet connection and software used among other things.

Thanks for the tip sir!

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