Is it possible to jailbreak a never jailbroken Apple TV (5.1.1) with no saved blobs using iFaith/snowbreeze method?

I’m receiving today an Apple TV 2 with original 5.1.1. firmware (never jailbroken). Is it possbile at this moment to still save the 5.1.1 blobs using ifaith and then make the custom ipsw with snowbreeze, and then restoring it with iTunes to have a jailbroken Apple TV 5.1.1?

There is so much confusion about this issue, some people say yes, and some people say no unless the saving shsh blobs proccedure would have been made with a previously 5.1.1 jailbroken. Any help would be much appreciated.


yes, it can be done you still have the 5.1.1 firmware on the unit so you can save. take 1 minute and look on the many threads and you will find step by step guys on how to do so

I have been doing exactly this for 3 hrs yesterday with NO success - trying to jailbreak a 5.1.1 ATV2 that was stock

I was able to save the blobs using iFaith, but I have no idea if they’re any good since the device wasn’t jailbroken to begin with.

I attempted to use sn0wbreeze to make custom IPSW, but sn0wbreeze refuses to take the 5.1.1 firmware image (regardless what source you get it from) - looks like it can only break 5.2

I was able to get sn0wbreeze to open a 5.2 ipsw image with no problems, but couldn’t apply my blobs to it as they are 5.1.1 blobs.

The custom 5.2 image with NO blobs gave the expected 1394 error as Apple no longer signs the relsease.


If anyone has another utility that will make a custom 5.1.1 ipsw image using factory blobs, let me know.

Crappy part is I bought that ATV2 exactly 1 day after Apple stopped signing the firmware. I guess I have to wait for 5.2.1 fw to be jailbroken now.

BTW this is the error I get when I try to open a 5.1.1 IPSW file in sn0wbreeze (I have downloaded 4 separate files from 4 different locations all resulting in the same error).


5.2 opens just fine but it obviously won’t work since I have 5.1.1 blobs.



Believe me, I took more than 1 minute to read, I’m no noob and know exactly how to do it thanks to ATVGuru guide. However in that guide he clearly states that if I don’t have the shsh blobs I can’t do it; and here you say that I can. See the confusion in all this?


Apple already stopped signing in all older iOs as of a few days ago so if you are on 5.0.2 (5.1.1) or 5.2 (6.0) you will not able to save the blobs… it’s too late you can only saved blobs for current firmware it signing in at this moment that is 6.1.3 (5.2.1)

Ok, now it’s perfectly clear. It’s not possible. I’m stuck with a non jailbroken Apple TV in 5.1.1. then. Thank you so much AppleTVGURU. All I have left is hope that evasion team finds a new exploit soon.

It IS possible to save the blobs for the release that is currently installed on the ATV2 using tools such as iFaith. What is NOT possible is to go to a different release if you do not already have blobs for it AND if it is not being signed by Apple.

So AppleTVGURU is wrong? I’m still able to use iFaith/snowbreeze method? Wow, coming from a moderator this has to be true. But let me get this straight, you’re saying that I can save blobs with iFaith, but not jailbreak with those saved blobs afterward? I’m confused


if u have them already u can jail break all of these treads are just going in circles.

If you would have read my initial post maybe you would realize that this post wasn’t going in those ‘circles’ you’re referring. As I wrote, I don’t have them, and I’m just waiting for itimpi to answer my final question. That’s it


what final question? he made quite clear telling you can save them

He wrote we can save blobs but he never wrote we can jailbreak with those afterwards, That’s my doubt

If you have the blobs you can jailbreak!

The confusion comes from those who are trying to go to a different release without the shsh blobs and those who simply want to stay on the same release but jailbroken. The first is not possible, but the second is!

N.B. the fact I have been given moderator status merely means I have been in the forums a lot - not that I have any inside knowledge of what is happening inside FireCore.

Im not sure whatever he say is true but i think he meqn this "“For instance, you can dump the SHSH of the current firmware on your device, so long as the device is susceptible to the Limera1n jailbreak (Everything but the iPad 2) Apple does not have to be signing the SHSH in order for you to dump the blob. “”” if any one that their apple on ios 5.2 not 5.2.1 and never been jailbroken try to dump br shsh blobs see if it could save the blobs if you could it will able to make it work… It weekend if who ever want me help pm me ill do my best with rdc to help you walking you through the issue…

I wil try later. I have to, this Apple TV I’m trying to jb is not mine. I’ll post the results later