Is it possible to install Microsoft silverlight on ATV?

I have ATV and successfully installed firefox and adobe flash. I also have a netflix account and wonder if I can install the required plug-in Microsoft Silverlight. It installs fine on my iMac, but can’t figure out how to do it on the ATV. I’ve tried downloading it in firefox with no luck.

Any ideas and help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know about this (but would like to), but I did notice a NetFlix icon in the Boxee interface yesterday when I was browsing. I didn’t try it, but I’d guess that if it is there that it would work.

If you need a Boxee invite, I think you just need to check the Boxee thread (it is the first one) on this forum. If not, I think I can send you one, but I have never tried.

Let us know how it goes.

While technically it is possible to install Silverlight, the process is very convoluted and when finally enabled the video playback is less than ideal. This is due to the AppleTV’s limited processing power (1GHz processor & 256mb of RAM).

In addtition to the Silverlight plugin itself the following components must also be located and installed for Silverlight to function properly. Due to licensing restrictions they cannot be included with the aTV Flash package.

  1. Intel Tiger (10.4.7-10.4.11) CoreAudioKit.framework

  2. The following missing fonts

/Library/Fonts/Arial Black.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Arial Bold Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Arial Bold.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Arial Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Comic Sans MS Bold.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Comic Sans MS.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Courier New Bold Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Courier New Bold.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Courier New Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Courier New.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Georgia Bold Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Georgia Bold.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Georgia Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Trebuchet MS Bold Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Trebuchet MS Bold.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Trebuchet MS Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Trebuchet MS.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Verdana Bold Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Verdana Bold.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Verdana Italic.ttf
/Library/Fonts/Microsoft/Lucida Sans Unicode.ttf


Is this email response I received from your technical support still correct?:

The 3.0 version of Silverlight is included with the current version of Flip4Mac. This can be installed through the Maintenance > Install Extras menu.

If so, what happens if I attempt to install v3.0 of Silverlight after I have already manually installed v2.0? Thanks.