Is it possible to hide progress bar during pause?


Is it possible to hide progress bar during playback paused?

I have managed to hide the progress bar once before (after a combination of pulling down info menu,waiting for certain second,pulling up again ,etc)
But no luck on it afterward.

I would like to know if that is just a bug ,or if there is a way to do so.



It’s not designed to do this right now, but may be something we can look at adjusting.

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I‘d love for the progress bar to only show up when touching the touch area on the remote. That way you could pause without knowing how much time is left in a movie by using the play/pause button.

Super small change but I feel this could add a lot.




The thing that bugs me the most is when I resume and the progress bar stays on for a couple seconds while the movie is playing.

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This has been added in 5.8, which will be available soon. :slight_smile:

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