Is it possible to have subtitles not showing in letterbox/black bars?

I have a lot of ripped videos that cropped out the black bars (confirmed from media info), when I played them using other media players, the subtitles (PGS/ASS/SRT, either internal or external) will be shown in the actual screen, which’s what I want and expected because the letterbox/black bars have been cropped out already. However, when using Infuse, the subtitles are always displayed in the letterbox, which’s something that I personally don’t like (and one of the main reasons why I choose to rip instead of just watching BluRay or REMUX). Is there any way that I can make the subtitles to not show in letterbox just like the other media players? Thanks.

(FYI the subtitle vertical alignment is not something that works for me because I have PGS subtitles with graphical effects and using vertical alignment will also shift the effects off the original intended positions)

Even if your videos have black bars cropped out, the video may be displayed with black bars in order to fill the screen.

You can avoid this by adjusting the Video Zoom and Aspect Ratio options during playback.

  1. Set Video Zoom to Crop
  2. Adjust Aspect Ratio to fine tune the amount of zoom (this allows you to crop out some of the black bars, but not all, if you prefer)

This method doesn’t solve what I want though.

It sounds like currently the subtitles are rendered based off the display resolution (e.g. in the letterbox even if the video itself has already cropped that out) instead of the actual video resolution. It’d be great if in the future there’s an option to not display subtitles in letterbox

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