Is it possible to group files per shows when using a upnp remote disk ?

UPDATE : Get confirmation this is not supported by UPnP. I’ve changed the way to access my media center with FTP and now everything is working as expected !

I’m using Infuse 5 with a upnp (freebox server) connection.
I dont’ know if it’s the reason why but i cannot order my tv shows grouped by serie.

I’ve tried all the following but nothing is working :

  • root\tv shows\serie name\season 1\serie name 1x01.mp4
  • root\tv shows\serie name\serie name 1x01.mp4
  • root\tv shows\serie name 1x01.mp4
  • adding a folder.png
  • adding a serie name.png

If i’m not using subfolders, i’ll have multiple cover (one per season, without any serie group) - All of them will be titled “season 1”, “season 2” (without the serie name)
If i’m using subfolders, I’ll find these subfolders displayed with the “generic grey cover” (with no possibility to have the “main show” cover art).

I don’t understand what i’m doing wrong. I’ve tested all the possible combinaison as described in the metadata 101 blog.

Can someone else me to understand ?