Is it possible to go from ATV2 5.0.2->5.2 using TU SHSHs?

Like to title states…

I’m trying to go from 5.0.2 to 5.2 using TinyUmbrella saved SHSHs on a ATV2. I’ve tried running Seas0nPass while the TU server is running, and no joy. It keeps say my unit is not eligible. From what it looks like SP is querying its own servers and Cydia, but not recognizing the SHSHs served up by TU.

So, my problem, is the a way to get SP to make use of my SHSHs, or is there another app I can use to JB that makes use of TU?

Any assistance would be most helpful.

I may not be totally understanding, Garry, but if the specific 5.0.2 unit you are trying to upgrade was never updated to 5.2 – and then had its signatures saved – there will be no way to update that ATV now to 5.2.  Signatures are unit specific.

It doesn’t sound like this is the case since your situation would have then required a downgrade from 5.2 to 5.0.2, which is where you are at now.  I guess this is a possible, although unlikely scenario.

Can you confirm?

Yes, and TinyUmbrella saves SHSHs that are unit specific to my HD. The problem is that Seas0nPass doesn’t look for SHSHs that are not on their site, Apples or Cydia’s (even when TU’s server is turned on, and is supposed to re-direct SHSH inquiries to the SHSHs saved on myHD).

That’s the rub.

If the blobs you refer to saved on your PC are from the unit you are jailbreaking then you can use Sn0wbreeze (always download a fresh IPSW) but if they are from another ATV then you cannot use them.