Is it possible to get added to the beta ? sent a mail but havent received any answer back

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Have you signed up for TestFlight and sent in your info with a copy of a current Infuse subscription receipt then installed TestFlight?

If so, the invites usually go out on Fridays.

i did,but i reckon the problem is i dont have a bill unfortunately ,because of this annoying one month free trial,even tho i paid for the yearly…so i sent a screenshot of my apple store page where u can see my current subscribptions…

If you paid you will be able to get a copy of the active subscription receipt on the app store.

hopefully.ill wait till saturday night then,who could i contact by that time?

If you have submitted all the required info then give it a week, and then post back here. Firecore tries to get to all of the requests by Friday but you may end up in next weeks batch since it’s already Thursday night.

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nah i told ya ive sent it days ago.thanks i shall see

Asked and answered.

sorry if i sounded rude,i wasnt