Is it possible to get 10 bit colors output without HDR output

I have a Pioneer KRP-600M which is a 10 bit color panel. Some BluRay-players can output 10 bit colors to this display and from what I’ve read the improvement in picture quality is significant. Is it possible to somehow get the Apple TV 4K to output 10 bit colors with Infuse Pro?

If not, does Infuse Pro produce a better 8 bit color output when playing back 10 bit source material?

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The Apple TV currently only supports 8-bit output when using any of the SDR output video modes. With HDR enabled, you can get 10-bit or 12-bit depending on your settings.

With the match content options enabled, Infuse will work to ensure the output mode matches the video being played. In cases where that is not possible, Infuse will do its best to ensure colors are represented as accurate as possible.

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