Is it possible to downgrade? Hate the new layout

Can you download from version 7 to 6 on ATV, IE is it possible without issues? My reason has nothing to do with the couple of bugs that have been mentioned, I just hate the layout and that won’t change. I prefer the previous layout with more info overlaid on the main image without having to click down to see the cast etc (which are now an annoying horizontal row of icons rather than a short list). It seems a huge waste of space on the screen.

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If you by any chance had purchased the standalone Infuse Pro 6 from the app store then you can go to your account in the app store under purchased and re-download it.

If you only have had a subscription then you can still (for now) purchase the standalone version of Infuse Pro 6 from the app store and that will give you V6.

Thanks for the info. I have the yearly subscription so guess I’d have to buy it again standalone then. It’s a shame the layout changes have spoiled the app.

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I expect a lot of changes to the layout of V7.

When I read about all the hype about the new upcoming v7, I was expecting more. After my disappointment I decided I still like the product.
As a atv4k user, I see little changes. I have to look at this as a regular update like v6.4, 6.5, 6.6 and 7.0. This way I’m not so disappointed. Again the hype did make me expect more, not that I was promised more.
Keep the updates coming.

Here’s what James said

Btw these will be filled in with actual actor artwork after 7.1 and hopefully you will be able to click to see all movies/shows by them

I can see how that might be of interest to some but it’s not for me. I’d rather just see a short list of who is in the film as soon as I select the cover image rather than a vast expanse of wasted room on the screen.

I’d prefer the critical information available as soon as I select the film. That is the title, genre(s), plot synopsis and key actors.

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I have to agree with you. At least on the movie info. I too like to see all the info when I click on the movie without having to scroll down. Hopefully there will be some adjustments to the design and both features might be available on the same screen.

I still have infuse pro 6 and may continue to use that rather than 7

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