Is it possible to downgrade from 6.2 to an untethered jailbreak without shsh blobs?

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I recently purchased an ATV2, and noticed that it was running the new 6.2 (iOS 7.1.2 - 11D257c) software.  I am wondering is there anyway to jailbreak this by downgrading to an older software version (ie. 4.4.2 like posted here without having saved blobs for this device?

Ditto .... can someone help please?

ATV2 with iOS 6.2(6698.99.50.31) firmware.

Unable to save SHSH blobs with Tinyumbrella or iFAITH utility.

Tinyumbrella - unable to detect ATV2

iFAITH is only compatible with ATV 2 version up to iOS 4.4.3

How can i downgrade ATV2 iOS 6.2 to iOS 5.3 to allow me jailbreak using SP??

Please help.



Just follow the directions in the post above solution 

Explains how to downgrade to 5.3 Then jailbreak

worked for me


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