Is it possible to disable the "Get More..." option for Subtitles in viewer screen?

I have Infuse 5 on my son’s iPad (it seems to be a very good way to have a kid friendly video playback app on iOS), and I’ve copied over a few movies via iTunes. I’ve got restrictions set in the app so he cannot change settings. There’s one problem though, his mother told me that inappropriate subtitles were appearing. The files I copied across did not have subtitles within them, so I was a bit shocked about this. I can only presume that he has been watching a movie, tapped the gearwheel icon, selected “Subtitles” then selected “Get More…” and picked something from the list.

Is there a way to prevent the “Get More…” option from being accessed? If so, how do I do it? If not, could it be an option?

Were the subtitles for the right movie? I don’t believe there is a way to turn off the get subtitles now but not a bad idea. I’ll let the ones in the know for sure chime in.

Hi, no they were not. I’m not even sure what movie they were for, but there was very inappropriate language.

It was for the movie Sing (by the team behind Despicable Me) and when I went into “Get More” I saw options for a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead, and various other films.

Wow, I don’t use subtitles so I’m not that familiar with the process but that’s not what ya want a child reading about is what happens in the zombie apocalypse. LOL

One thought, if you don’t use subtitles in your home you could always blacklist the opensubtitles website on your router and that should stop the kids from being able to DL new ones. Just an idea.

Edit to add: Also some routers can blacklist a specific address for a specific user so you could block it only for your sons ipad possibly depending on the model of your router.

Infuse actually includes an auto-download option for subtitles, which is available for synced videos.

You can avoid this by turning off the ‘Download Subtitles’ option found in Settings > General.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll double-check, but I’m pretty sure I have the option turned off / disabled.

I’ll also try and replicate the issue, to see if using the “Get More…” option is how my son managed to get subs added to a synced video that didn’t have any subs when synced over.

The download subtitles option is definitely turned off. I am able to use the “Get More…” option from the player viewer setting options to download additional subtitles.

Thus is is possible in the existing app to disable the “Get More…” option, or could I somehow request this change for a future version of the app?

You can always submit suggestions here

I’d recommend you do a quick search first to see if it may be already running but maybe a suggestion to add subtitle fetching to the “Parental Controls” settings?