Is it possible to clone one box to another?


I have a friend who has a custom Apple Tv Box with all kinds of goodies loaded onto it.
Is it possible to be able to “clone” his box and copy it onto mine fairely easy?
Do I just WinSCP into the box and copy all the files from the root directory to my box?

I tried to do this I can see the layout but nothing seems to work/function properly.

Please let me know and thank you in advance.



No as the files would be in use. You would also require yours to be jailbroken in order to telnet/sftp into the device. And if it is jailbroken you can already do whatever your friend has done.

I know how to do the jailbreak but he has such a nice skin on and seems like everything is set up custom and works very nice. Also if its possible to just clone a box it would make it easier so I don’t have to go in and install all of the ad-ons they would be automatically there.

Unfortunately for you Apple is not concerned about that.