Is it possible to add ATVfiles as menu item under Movie tab?

I want to keep the interface and simplicity of AppleTV v3 software.

What I really want is just another menu item under th emovie tab for eg More movies… clicking this will link to my PC for streaming of DivX files wirelessly. Is this possible? or if not what is the simplest and easiest method of this please?

I want to keep AppleTV as “wife proof” so as just clicking 1 loink, I’m not interested in the Boxee/nito/XBMC, I like the AppleTV interface


mm ok no one have this.

No moderators about? was hoping for an answer so I could buy…

please help/advise

Unfortunately no. Each menu item is essentially a separate application.

aTV Flash allows you to select which items to install, but to access additional media files you will need to add at least one extra menu item.

Ok thanks, still deciding on purchasing…

So all I really want to do is, have another menu item for access to my avi files wirelessly over my network.

What is the best/simplest app to do this. the less menu items the better, its also for use for my wife and kids!

You will want to use nitoTV to set up network streaming and play files over the network.