is it posible to copy rented movies in apple tv?

is it posible to copy rented movies in apple tv?

If I rent a movie on apple tv. where is it located? on the apple tv?

it would be nice if I could copy it to my itunes.

and anybody know what filetype it is?

Just so you know I rented a movie just to find out where they are stored and I already have Netflix. :wink: But I found out it was my lucky day anyway, Apple has Monty Python, The Quest for the Holy Grail on sale for .99¢ on the iTunes Store, so I will definitely watch that. You can find the Rentals in / > mnt > Media > Rental Files > Movies. It is a m4v file and it should retain it’s 30-day/24-hour DRM no matter where you store it, so moving it to your computer won’t change that part of the file. This was a Standard Definition movie and it was just over 1GB in size, so have fun copying it to your computer. :slight_smile:

very nice! thank you!


but when I look for the mnt or medi folder I cant find it.

I use WinSCP and reach the Root folder in my apple tv.

still, there are noe mnt or media or rentals folder to find…

am I only in the atv flash system only? and not on the real apple tv system?

how did you reach the media folder?

Let me get back to my house and open up VMWare and try it from Windows and I’ll get back to you.


These are the settings I use for WinSCP:

After you connect, use the “Up Directory” link as found here to get to the mnt folder:

thank you very much!

now I found it. somehow my old login was “restricted”.

but made a new one and now I got the folder with the rented movie.

this is a nice forum, with nice people. :slight_smile:

OLd thread i know, but maybe some of you two is still reading new messages.

I searched since days for an answer but could not get it. I can access my apple tv and see the file structure, but like the OP the mnt folder is missing.
Unfortunately the screenshots which show the correct settings for sftp are dead links and i can’t follow these instructions.

Any help would be apprechiated